What Are The Side Effects of Winstrol Depot?

winstrol depot side effects

Winstrol Depot (Stanozolol) is a weak steroid in terms of opportunities to side effects and increase muscle mass of athletes, but at the same time and very popular and common among athletes and bodybuilders. Immediately after its appearance, Winstrol Depot was sold only in the form of tablets with a low dosage of 2 milligrams or in the form of an aqueous suspension in which 1 ml accounted for only 50 mg of the active substance. Currently, this steroid can be found in any dosage and concentration, and its release is organized by several brands such as Alpha Pharma, Eminence Labs and Maxtreme Pharma. Previously, bodybuilders took Winstrol Depot exclusively before important competitions, because thanks to the substance it is possible to quickly improve the relief and muscle density. In 1995, a series of audio recordings from the magazine Masl Media 2000, one entry from which is devoted to an interview in which the narrator shares with the audience stories about how the most hardy and successful runners have achieved their success, taking small doses of Winstrol Depot to prevent the occurrence of muscle loss, which could occur as a result of catabolism, which often increases after long races.

Surprisingly, in spite of its low efficiency, Winstrol Depot still enjoys fairly wide popularity. Perhaps the secret of this popularity of the substance lies in its reputation as a completely safe steroid, which, although it does not give a stunning and as soon as possible effect, but also does not cause much harm to the body. Of course, such an opinion is wrong. This steroid, although it does not cause strong side effects, like other high-androgen steroids, but still is not completely safe. On the contrary, many experts, after appropriate clinical trials, come to the conclusion that Winstrol Depot can be considered the most dangerous steroid in the world today.


Are The Side Effects of Winstrol Depot Dangerous?

So what can you believe: that Winstrol Depot is practically safe or that it is the most dangerous of all? It should be borne in mind that the effect of the substance has not yet been fully studied and is quite multilateral. At first glance, Stanozolol should act on the same principle as other similar substances: cause increased aggressiveness, hair loss, acne. Drugs based on the highly allergenic form of testosterone, it is this effect and have. But in fact, it does not go quite so. Since Winstrol Depot is a rather weak androgen, it does not increase the aggressiveness of living beings, but rather suppresses it. Such data are confirmed by numerous experiments conducted on animals. Experimental specimens became so non-aggressive that they did not even react to physical provocations from other males who invaded their personal territory. These same experiments proved that Stanozolol was not perceived by the male sex glands (namely the seminal vesicles) as a substance that replaces testosterone. Rats that received this steroid for some time began to lose their ability to ejaculate and eventually ceased to exhibit any sexual behavior. A similar reaction the researchers noticed and in female animals, which under the action of the hormone estrogen lose its sexual sensitivity.

So, judging by the side effects of taking the steroid, displayed on the behavior, the Winstrol Depot can be called an anti-androgen rather than an androgen. Since most of the reactions of the human body to certain substances are not too different from the reactions of experimental samples, it is safe to assume that people taking Stanozolol may have impaired sexual susceptibility functions, so that they can lose their competitive advantage over other individuals.

side effects of winstrol depot

Other Side Effects of Winstrol Depot

In addition to the above side effects, the reception of Winstrol Depot, according to numerous reports of experts, can cause blocking of normal functioning of the brain and various receptor systems, violation of the action of anxiolytics and antidepressants. Many of the athletes taking some time steroids, talk about the period of depression, which dramatically begins immediately after the completion of the cycle. And experts who study this issue argue that Stanozolol Is contraindicated for people who have a high susceptibility to such conditions. Therefore, despite the fact that Winstrol Depot, unlike other steroid drugs, does not cause the appearance of the so-called “steroid rage”, it is still quite dangerous for everyone who takes it, but in particular it is dangerous for people with unstable mentality who, by their nature, show a tendency to suicide or have psychological injuries.

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