How To Weight Loss With Winstrol Oral?

weight loss winstrol oral

Winstrol oral has many advantages, including the ability to weight loss. Once in the body, it does not turn into estrogen. Thanks to this, the muscles are dry and hard, and the fat burning process is faster. Stanozolol is better interacts with the androgen receptors of the muscles. In this 3-keta group replaced by a group of Pyrazole 3-2. This structure improves the anabolic effect of the drug and weakens androgenic manifestations.

Winstrol oral reduces the production of sex hormones, increasing the free steroid content in the blood. This has a positive effect on the growth of muscle tissue.

Winstrol Oral Effects

Receiving Winstrol oral gives a number of valuable effects for athletes:

  • increased appetite;
  • fat splitting;
  • accelerated excretion of fluid from the body;
  • increase strength and endurance;
  • weight loss;
  • muscles become more prominent;
  • enhanced venous pattern.

The visible effect of taking Winstrol oral comes in three weeks. The result of the injection manifests itself in nine weeks.

Rules of Use of Winstrol Oral Cycle for Weight Loss

Winstrol oral is recommended for athletes with normal body weight and moderate fat content.

Before you start taking should be familiar with the General rules or the standard cycle:

  • The daily dose of Winstrol oral is 10-30 mg.
  • Start the cycle should be with a minimum dose, which is 10 mg per day. The dose is increased to the optimal within a week.
  • One and a half weeks before the end of the cycle, the dose of the drug is gradually reduced to a minimum.

The described cycle does not require Post Cycle Therapy for the body. To achieve the best effect, you can combine the reception of Winstrol oral with sports nutrition to increase the relief.

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winstrol oral and weight loss

Weight Loss Winstrol Oral Cycle

In practice, various cycles of Winstrol oral are used. Consider the cycle for weight loss in more detail. It should be noted at once that there are no power cycles with the use of Stanozolol. This is due to an increased risk of injury to the joints or tearing the muscle.

For Beginners

Beginners should take Winstrol oral for 6-8 weeks. The daily dose should be no more than 40 mg. During the cycle, you can lose weight, combining the drug with diet and training.

For Experienced

For the weight loss process can be combined Winstrol oral with Primobolan Depot. The dose of Stanozolol tablets is 50 mg per day. Primobolan Depot should be taken at 100-300 mg per week. And the weekly rate can be punctured at a time or divided into 2-3 times. In fact, it doesn’t matter.

For Women

Separately, it is necessary to understand the dosage of Winstrol oral for women. How to take Stanozolol in tablets for weight loss? If the body is young, the daily dose should be 5 mg. If there is an urgent need, the dose can be increased to 10 mg. Cycle duration – 4-6 weeks.

As a rule, the female body tolerates Winstrol oral well. However, injection cycles of this drug are not recommended for women because of the risk of androgen accumulation. If, nevertheless, preference is given to injecting drugs, one vial of it is better to divide into two doses. Between injections should take breaks. The optimal dose is 25 mg once every 3-4 days.

Women are not recommended to take Winstrol oral to improve muscle relief or improve training performance. In this case, it is more difficult to control the level of hormones in the blood.

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