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Manufacturer: Vermodje Substance: Trenbolone acetate Pack: 10ml vial (100 mg/ml)

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Trenaver vial is a steroid that has a high and powerful anabolic and androgenic character, which is based on the “fast” ester of trenbolone acetate. The steroid is produced by the Moldovan company Vermodje. Steroid is considered an excellent drug, which promotes the rapid collection of muscle tissue and a significant increase in strength. It is very popular among athletes because of its ability to provide excellent results in an extremely short time, which, of cycle, will not work if you do not buy a simulator.

The drug also has an undeniable advantage – it is not able to convert to estrogen (a rare enough quality for strong steroids, which either differ in the softness of the effect, but then give a long and slow result, or act powerfully, but then the side effects of estrogen are much stronger).

Taking a trainer an athlete can be sure that the recruited mass will differ stiffness and texture, while the amount of subcutaneous fat will be minimal (due to the pronounced androgenic level), and water retention will not in principle.


Post-cycle therapy should be conducted with Proviron (eliminates side reactions) 2-3 days after the end of the cycle. To use Tamoxifen is not recommended, as it only strengthens progestin reactions. But to restore the level of testosterone will help boosters.


Based on the reviews, it can be judged that athletes are incredibly happy that the musculature obtained is characterized by density, stiffness and clarity – which is an excellent help for the competitions. If it is used correctly, you can achieve excellent results and improve your physical shape.

As the reviews claim, experienced athletes often combine a steroid with Testosterone enanthate and Nandrolone, which is a very effective ligament for building up a huge volume of muscles, although it does not do without pobochek. Well and without fail athletes recommend using Cabergoline and Gonadotropin in case of excess of the duration of the cycle or in whole doses.


The drug should be taken with great care by women, as well as persons under the age of majority. In case there are complaints about hepatic renal failure, as well as cardiovascular diseases – the drug should not be taken.

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