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Manufacturer: British Dragon Substance: Trenbolone enanthate Pack: 10ml vial (200 mg/ml)

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Trenabol is one of the best steroids in the modern consumer market. Of course, there are drugs that are most beneficial from a therapeutic point of view, for example Nandrolone, but for sport purposes, Tren simply does not have equal. One can not help saying that for some consumers it may be too harsh, but if your body tolerates this steroid well, you can achieve fantastic results.

Trenabol excludes aromatosis, but this does not prevent it from displaying estrogenic and progestogenic activity. Many studies show that the ability of the drug can be quite strongly attached to progestagen receptors, but it is not rare that studies simply did not observe any activity. Opinions about the research of this drug always diverge, but we can say for sure that both the first and second studies show us that the activity in the body is still not significant.

Influence on the cardiovascular system

Side effects on the Tren cycle that can affect the functioning of the cardiovascular system are a change in the cholesterol balance and an increase in blood pressure. The fact is that Tren can change a person’s cholesterol balance in favor of bad cholesterol, which in turn leads to an increase in blood pressure. Therefore, if you have problems with cholesterol level or blood pressure, it is better to initially refuse to take this medication.


Reviews about Super Trenabol for Sale talk about the rapid increase in muscle mass and strength. Side effects (namely, blood pressure rise, acne, aggression, significant inhibition of libido) occur quite often. Estrogenic reactions do not appear.

Reviews about Trenabol from professionals recommend using a steroid in combination with testosterone enanthate. To increase the relief and firmness of the musculature, athletes recommend combining Super Trenabol for Sale with stanozolol. For the increase in muscle mass, a layman is not advised to use additional AAS, but pros often use a “long” testosterone ester.

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