Testoviron-250 BM Pharmaceuticals


Manufacturer: BM Pharmaceuticals Substance: Testosterone enanthate Pack: 10 ampoules (250mg/ml)

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Testoviron is a steroid with a high androgenic and anabolic index. Active active substance of the drug is testosterone enanthate – a highly demanded steroid, which is characterized by a longer exposure (up to 15 days).

The drug first appeared on the market in the 50s and became the first oil steroid, which was available (and only). To date, the steroid has a high popularity and universality in the world (especially among representatives of such power sports as triathlon, bodybuilding, weightlifting).

Effects from the reception

  1. Accelerated growth of muscle mass and strength. Acceleration of the overall recovery of the body between the loads, giving the general tone to the body.
  2. Increased libido (sexual desire).
  3. Formation of secondary sexual characteristics (facial hair growth, voice coarsening, etc.).
  4. Accelerating the utilization of fat deposits (subject to a diet with a calorie deficit).
  5. It has a positive effect on the health of the joints and ligaments due to water retention.
  6. Aromatized.


As post-cycle therapy after the cycle should take prieminat drugs-antiestrogens (Clomid, Tamoxifen).

Reviews of Testiviron

Most posts with testimonials speak eloquently that a steroid perfectly suits both as a first cycle (and for price, and for quality, and for efficiency, and for minimal side manifestations), and for experienced athletes. The main point on which experts insist is compliance with recommendations regarding dosages, the duration of the cycle, and the mandatory passage of PCT, regardless of how minimal the dosages were, ie, how easy the cycle was.

Numerous testimonials about testosterone enanthate from bayer are stated to avoid the maximum of any side effects, in addition to compliance with instructions, it is necessary to take tests on a regular basis, be observed by a sports doctor or consult specialists and take anti-estrogens.


The drug should be taken with great care to women, as well as those who have complaints of chronic or acute diseases associated with the liver, kidneys or heart.

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