Testobolin (ampoules) Alpha Pharma


Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma Substance: Testosterone enanthate Pack: 10 ampoules (250mg/ml)

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Testobolin is a hormonal drug that works 2-3 weeks after use, but since the Testobolin half-life is about a week, we recommend weekly injections to maintain normal concentration in the blood of the athlete. Testobolin has a strong androgenic effect and decent anabolic and due to this, an athlete who uses Testobolin rapidly increases body weight and strength. This will be especially evident if the athlete has not used hormonal drugs before, and also does not use antiestrogens, since a large percentage of the accumulated mass will be water.

But just at the expense of water the athlete will look more massive and the power results will also be better. Testobolin is the favorite steroid of athletes of power sports, whether it is powerlifting, weightlifting, wrestling, especially for weight classes for 100 kg.

Effects of taking Testobolin

  • The increase in strength indicators.
  • Muscle gain. Testobolin is highly regarded by power sports, especially powerlifters, weightlifters and bodybuilders. The rapid increase in muscle volume is partly caused by the accumulation of fluid, and therefore, after the cancellation of the course, a significant rollback phenomenon is observed.
  •  Elimination of joint pain. The effect is less pronounced than from nandrolone and growth hormone, but is still present.
  •  Stimulation of recovery processes.
  •  Increasing motivation and desire to train.
  •  Increased red blood cell mass, and as a result, endurance.

Side effects

Side effects of testosterone enanthate – is primarily a phenomenon caused by its strong androgenic effect and increased accumulation of water in the body. As a rule, they are the cause of hypertension that often occurs when taking testosterone enanthate. Those who have high blood pressure by nature or who acquired it when taking the drug should be observed regularly about this in the doctor’s office. In this case, you should take an antihypertensive, such as Katapresane.

Many athletes suffer during the intake of testosterone enanthate strong acne vulgaris (acne), especially noticeable on parts of the body such as back, chest, shoulders, hands, slightly less on the face. Especially it threatens the athletes who take testosterone enanthate for a long time. It is interesting that these phenomena occur in some people after stopping the drug, which suggests the opposite effect. In severe cases, you can use a medicine: “Roaccutane”. The phenomenon of feminization, especially gynecomastia, requires the use of anti-estrogens.

Sexual superstimulation manifested at the beginning of the drug with frequent erections is a normal phenomenon. In young athletes, along with the phenomenon of virilization, testosterone “can lead to accelerated growth and maturation of bone tissue, to the predominant overgrowing of the epidemics, and, consequently, to the cessation of the process of the body’s post”. (“Yenafarm”, instructions for the use of long-acting testosterone). Because In bodybuilding success is achieved mainly by higher athletes, the young on this basis must carefully consider the decision: whether to take anabolics, especially testosterone, in general.


The main scourge of the steroid is a tangible phenomenon of recoil. And testimonials about Testobolin from Alpha Pharma confirm this. About half of the athletes are dissatisfied with the weight loss after the completion of the cycle. The frequency of side effects is small, but, according to some athletes, you have to face estrogenic manifestations.

However, testimonials about Testobolin indicate the effectiveness of the steroid for increasing strength and endurance. Athletes note the convenience of use: a low frequency of injections allows you to forget about the painful sensations that often occur when using an aqueous suspension.

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