Testo-Cypmax Maxtreme


Manufacturer: Maxtreme Substance: Testosterone cypionate Pack: 10 ampoules (250mg/ml)

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Testosterone Cypionate is practically analogous to Enanthate in all respects – it has a similar half-life (8 days) and features of the action. The drug is characterized as a very effective anabolic, providing a significant increase in mass and strength. This is an injectable form of testosterone, which has a powerful androgenic and anabolic rating, so the anabolic manifests itself 100% in mass-gathering cycles.

Testosterone Cypionate: Instruction for the cycle

Testosterone Cypionate is characterized by prolonged action on the body, it allows to increase decent volumes and to increase power indicators. Effective dosages of zipiponate start at 250 mg per week. Doses over 750-100 mg per week are used exclusively by professionals, since they require increased attention with regard to prevention of side effects and an organism that is “used” to anabolic cycles.


The medication is considered to be very effective for the mass-gathering cycle and is often used in an equivalent way as an alternative to the more popular enanthate in power sports. Athletes confirm that the anabolic helps to build musculature with good characteristics, but not always happy with the phenomenon of recoil after Cypionate. If there is an incorrect exit from the cycle, the chances of losing up to 30% of the recruited are always present. Excessive fluid accumulation is a major problem on the cycle, so experienced athletes recommend taking aromatase inhibitors.

Professional athletes often combine hormone with other steroids, but at the same time advises beginners to avoid such combinations. As for the best manufacturer, testosterone cypionate testimonials do not distinguish an obvious leader. It is clear that the well-known European and American manufacturers are preferable. But often such companies minimize the dosage and overestimate the price.

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