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Manufacturer: Eminence Labs Substance: Stanozolol oral (Winstrol) Pack: 10mg (50 pills)

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Stanoprime (Winstrol) in bodybuilding is very popular. It has almost no effect on body weight. At the same time, muscles are made of it relief, and the venous pattern is strengthened.

Reviews of taking Winstrol

Using Winstrol in parallel with the active training and complete balanced nutrition for the cycle may gain more than 10 kg of dry and well drawn muscles. That is why most athletes prefer to use this drug.

Meanwhile, the reviews are different for different athletes. Some believe this drug weak, while others are delighted with the result. Much depends on how well-built reception rate.

Many reviews of Winstrol can be reduced to the following comparative data:

Evaluation parameters (yes – satisfied, not – not satisfied):

  • The quality dialed mass: yes 84% ​​no 16%.
  • According to the rollback phenomenon: 85% yes, 15% no.
  • By the degree of injection tolerance: 69% yes, 31% no.
  • Accessibility: Yes 83%, No 17%.
  • By price: 74% yes, 26% no.
  • By efficiency: 88% yes, 12% no.
  • The incidence of side effects: 83% yes, 17% no.

The general conclusion: 89% yes, 11% no.

Despite Winstrol safety, it should be remembered that the medicinal products are prescribed and used only under the supervision of specialists. From self-administration may cause serious adverse health consequences.

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