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Manufacturer: Brand Wyeth Substance: Sibutramine hydrochloride (Meridia) Pack: 10 pills

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Sibutramine is an anorexigenic agent of central action. Inhibits the reverse capture of neurotransmitters – serotonin and norepinephrine from the synaptic cleft, potentiates synergistic interactions of central noradrenaline and serotonergic systems. Reduces the appetite and the amount of food consumed (increases the feeling of saturation), increases thermogenesis (due to the mediated activation of beta3-adrenoreceptors), affects brown fatty tissue. Forms in the body active metabolites (primary and secondary amines), significantly superior to sibutramine in its ability to inhibit the reuptake of serotonin and norepinephrine.

In in vitro studies, active metabolites also block dopamine reuptake, but 3 times weaker than 5-HT and norepinephrine. Neither sibutramine nor its active metabolites affect monoamine release and MAO activity, do not interact with neurotransmitter receptors, including serotonergic, adrenergic, dopaminergic, benzodiazepine and glutamate (NMDA), do not have anticholinergic or antihistamine action. Inhibits the capture of 5-HT platelets and can alter the function of platelets. The decrease in body weight is accompanied by an increase in the concentration of HDL in the blood serum and a decrease in the amount of triglycerides, total cholesterol, LDL and uric acid.


Comments on the effect of sibutramine are quite heterogeneous. So, some consumers remain completely unhappy with the use of this drug, not noticing its action. Some consumers note the presence of side effects, such as, for example, depression of mood and even aggressiveness. Also, among the side effects noted palpitation, sweating and dry mouth. Most often, these phenomena occur during the first two months of admission. In this case, the use of the drug must necessarily be combined with diet. Since people who have already dropped nine to ten kilograms, gained two to three kilograms back, as soon as they stopped using sibutramine and adhere to a diet.

Very carefully should be treated with blood pressure. Since some consumers note the pressure jumps are very serious. Therefore, it is desirable, together with a pack of tablets, to purchase a pressure tonometer for measuring blood pressure. Among consumers of the drug sometimes there are also such reviews: I lost fifteen kilograms in six months, I continue to drink the drug. But for some reason, the appetite returned and became even stronger. Perhaps the drug really causes some addiction.

After all, in side effects about it, there is a withdrawal syndrome. Some consumers familiar with the effects of drugs, such as cocaine, say that the effect of sibutramine on the condition is very similar to that of cocaine. Reading positive feedback on the forums about sibutramine and containing medications, it should be remembered that to improve sales, many implementers themselves write such laudatory reviews.

By the way, in a number of advertising agencies in general hold a staff of employees, whose work is precisely in writing such laudatory or vice versa abusive reviews. So, when choosing a medicine (and sibutramine is just a potent drug), one should be guided first of all not by reviews on the Internet or by the advice of friends, but by the recommendations of the attending physician.

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