Rexogin (vial) Alpha Pharma


Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma Substance: Stanozolol injection (Winstrol depot) Pack: 10ml vial (50mg/ml)

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Practically Rexogin (Stanozolol) is an analogue of Winstrol Depot, in fact it is a slightly modified form of stanozolol injectable. Stanozolol is a steroidal anabolic with a clear anabolic and less pronounced androgenic effect. It acts on the cell nucleus, activating the genetic apparatus of the cell. This leads to increased synthesis of DNA, RNA and structural proteins.

Stanozolol is generally one of the most popular steroids of the vast majority. Stanozolol is, for example, one of the chemicals that provided Ben Johnson with his amazing races. This substance provided him, this exceptional athlete with such a noticeable muscle growth and such beautiful outlined muscles that he would be envied by another bodybuilding athlete.

Effects of taking

  • The definition of muscles is clearly visible;
  • Eliminates excess water;
  • Reduces the increased amount of globulin;
  • Increases strength and endurance.

How to use Rexogin (Stanozolol)

Stanozolol solo cycle is relatively safe. A dosage of 30-50 mg per day is optimal. Stanozolol is used as a set of muscle mass (most often in combination cycles), and during drying. On average, with a 6-8 week cycle at a dosage of 30 mg / day, a novice chemist can gain 1-3 kg of high-quality meat, at the same time dry, burn fat.

During the cycle of weight (for example, with testosterone), stanase reduces the amount of water that is retained in the body. As a result, you get a more or less high-quality mass. In turn, testosterone, which is still a little flooded you, lubricates the joints and ligaments with water, not allowing stanaze to dry them.

Stanozolol is wonderfully combined with testosterone propionate. This cycle is hard to call a cycle on the ground, however, it is not a cycle for drying. Such a combination, along with proper nutrition and regimen will allow you to pick up to 3-5 kilograms of good quality meat, and at the same time shed off excess fatty tissue. It is also combined with drugs that have progestogenic activity (for example: nandrolone), as it protects from progestogenic action.

Side effects

The most common side effects from Rexogin are joint pain and joint pain. Athletes who do not follow dosages risk “tearing”. To minimize such effects, it is better to combine stanozolol with the “deca” and testosterone, and also use special additives that strengthen the ligaments and joints.

Possible and negative reactions such as raising blood pressure, increasing the level of harmful cholesterol, acne, suppressing the secretion of their own testosterone. To minimize the effect on the liver, it is recommended to use the extract of milk thistle.

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