Prima-Max Maxtreme


Manufacturer: Maxtreme Substance: Trenbolone Mix (Tri Tren) Pack: 10ml vial (150mg/ml)

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Prima-Max (Trenbolone mix) very quickly fell in favor of athletes. This is understandable, because the steroid begins to work quickly and does this for a long time. Find out about the correct application of the Trenbolone Mix.

The anabolic and androgenic effects of Prima-Max are approximately the same, which makes this drug universal. If you decide to use a mix of trenbolone, then you should remember about its strong progestagenic properties. For this reason, the cycle should include bromocriptine or a similar medication.

Effects of Trenbolone Mix

We have already said that the trenbolone mix can be considered a universal anabolic, which is equally effective for accelerating mass gain and increasing physical characteristics. Among the main properties of TRENBOLONE MIX, we note:

  • In the muscle tissues, the rate of production of proteins sharply increases;
  • The body begins to actively burn fat;
  • Secretion of insulin-like growth factor is more than doubled;
  • Your sexual desire will increase dramatically;
  • Catabolic reactions are inhibited, which contributes to the preservation of the muscles.


Immediately note that the trenbolone cycle is intended for athletes who have previously used anabolic drugs. For beginners, the trenbolone mix 150 cycle is very powerful and should not be rushed to use it. Since the enanthate of trenbolone has a long half-life, it is sufficient to do the injection once every seven days.The dosage will be 0.3 grams.

Also we will say that during the recovery therapy it is not worthwhile to use tamoxifen because of the high progestagenic Prima-Max. Better to use clomid. For combined cycles, the drug is best suited for Winstrol or Anavar. So you can make an excellent drying cycle. As massonabornogo trenbolone mix cycle is quite self-sufficient.

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