Parabolan 100 Dragon Pharma


Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma Substance: Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate Pack: 10ml vial (100mg/ml)

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Taking into account the main components of the Parabolan 100, its effect is increased several times, which is confirmed after the first dosage, and the half-life of the basic substance lasts approximately two weeks, which contributes not only to a powerful anabolic effect, but also androgenic. Before buying this anabolic, it is better to consult a specialist in order to choose the correct dosage and duration of Parabolan.

Parabolan is mainly used by bodybuilders, since the drug adds musculature in a short time. Regarding its anabolic properties, Parabolan can be compared with esters of testosterone and methandrostenolone. But, with the main difference of Parabolan is the lack of aromatization. Parabolan is used by injection.

The popularity of this steroid is due to its simplicity in application and rapid results, which is often very important for the athlete.

Action substances and components Parabolan

Among the actions of substances there is an operative set of muscle mass, for example, for one complete cycle of admission can be typed within ten kilograms. Qualitatively, there is an increase in strength indicators, as well as a characteristic phenomenon will be the stimulation of growth hormones, the secretion of indicators. Fast and practical burning of various fat deposits, which previously brought inconvenience and discomfort.

There is also an increase in the sexual activity of each potential client, who wants to get the most possible effect in the process of taking a particular drug. Among other advantages and features, we can note an increase in the growth factor (insulin-like). In its origin, this substance is a derivative of testosterone itself, which will make the drug the best solution.

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Often negative reviews about Parabolan can be found from inexperienced athletes. The reason for this is the coloring of urine in red during the cycle of the drug, which is mistaken for signs of liver damage. In fact, the red color of urine is obtained because of the metabolites withdrawn from it.

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Reviews about Parabolan from professional athletes are mostly positive. There is a rapid collection of weight, even among the most experienced bodybuilders. Athletes like a significant increase in strength, effective fat burning and increased libido.

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