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Manufacturer: Eminence Labs Substance: Oxymetholone (Anadrol) Pack: 50mg (50 pills)

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Oxymeprime (Oxymetholone) is a steroid of powerful anabolic action, with a considerable androgenic idea. The use of the drug guarantees a powerful increase in muscle mass and strength in a short time, your muscles grow like leaps and bounds. So for 2 weeks of use, bodybuilders celebrate a set of 4-8 kg of weight. Such massive increases contribute to the property of the drug to accumulate liquid. On a solo cycle of oxymethylene, you will not build an impressive relief, but if you want impressive volumes, this anabolic will cope with this task perfectly.

For the cycle of Oxymetholone, athletes are added up to 15 kilograms. It is worth considering the phenomenon of recoil after the cycle, which will amount to 30% of the recruited, if the “exit” from the cycle will not be done correctly. Oxymetholone, as you understand, is a steroid for mass-gathering cycles, it can also improve the life of athletes who have problems with the musculoskeletal system, and in particular with joints. Thanks to the accumulation of additional lubricant in the joint bag, athletes, who before the reception of Anadrol felt discomfort in the joints, forget about their problems and the quality of training only increases.


In sporting circles, a steroid is considered particularly effective, but at the same time it brings serious side effects. Professionals recommend to adhere to the stepwise scheme of taking Oxymetalone, if anabolic is used for the first time. So there is the opportunity to track the reactions of the body to the drug and contribute to its adaptation to taking the steroid.

Athletes confirm the rapid increase in muscle mass and strength in the Anapolon cycle. In this case, there is a loss of muscle volume after steroid withdrawal, mass recoil is up to 30%. The female audience does not use this steroid, since the risks of virilization and masculinization are extremely high. Oxymeprime reviews confirm that the maximum effect of oxymetholone is obtained in combination with high protein nutrition. The steroid is a synergist because it lowers the concentration of globulin binding the sex hormones, and is therefore ideally suited for combined cycles.

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