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Manufacturer: Vermodje Substance: Methandienone oral (Dianabol) Pack: 10mg (100 pills)

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Naposim 10 is a steroid drug from the company Vermodje (Moldova), the active substance of which is methandienone. Produced in tablet form in a concentration of 10 mg / tab. (In one blister – 25 tablets). The drug is well known in sports pharmacology for its ability to increase muscle mass and endurance athlete. This active substance was synthesized in 1956 by the American company Ciba, which released the drug after 5 years.

Basically, the drug was used to accelerate the recovery of tissues affected by burns and to improve the tone in women. And, after half a century, the drug was adequately evaluated in sports pharmacology, in particular, the cycle naposima interested in bodybuilders, powerlifters. For a while the drug was banned because they were abused. But later, after all, it was finalized and “amnestied”. Detect the presence of the drug in the body can be another 5 weeks from the last reception.

Reception of the drug

The drug is taken orally. The most optimal dosage for experienced athletes is 10-50 mg per day, for beginners – 20-30 mg per day, for women – up to 10 mg per day (the average dose should be divided into 2-3 meals, after meals, to avoid harsh hormonal Jumps). To display tangible results, such a quantity of the drug will be enough. At the same time, the duration of the cycle is 6-8 weeks.

PСT after Naposim

PСT should be started 2-3 days after the completion of the cycle. On PCT it is desirable to drink Tamoxifen (20 mg for 2-4 weeks, reducing the dosage gradually) or Proviron. It is also recommended to poprinat booster for the normal level of endogenous testosterone. To protect the liver from a strong fusion of drugs or the effects of the cycle, it is worth to drink Flamin, Tykveol, as well as cholagogue preparations.

Naposim by Vermodje Reviews

Judging by the opinions of many athletes who actively take the drug both solo and in combination, the main problem is the “rollback” effect, which not everyone can avoid or reduce by ignorance in selecting drugs, or exceeding dosages, and also – the characteristics of the body. Someone can boast of quality mass and minimal rollback, and someone complains about a too watery muscle mass.

However, almost all agree that if you take the drug in the recommended dosage, there will be fewer side effects, “rollback” – a little palpable, and post-cycle therapy will help to fully recover and save the result. Unequivocally all praise the drug as such, which is excellent for increasing muscle mass, growth of power, but even better health and overall health.

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