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Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma Substance: Modafinil Pack: 200mg 30 pills

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Modafin (Modafinil) improves memory, enhances overall perception, response and cognitive abilities. It has a softer effect, unlike amphetamines, allowing you to stay awake and easy to fall asleep after the drug has finished.

In the USA, Modafinil is sold in pharmacies under the names “Provigil”, “Alertec” and “Modalert”. He is on the list of officially approved drugs. It is prescribed for patients suffering from narcolepsy, drowsiness and sleep disorders, dyspnea and a sharp decrease in the frequency and depth of breathing.


Today modafinil is attended by representatives of many professions that require long wakefulness: the army, special forces, doctors, emergency personnel, police and firemen. Modafinil is also popular among taxi drivers, truckers and even programmers.

Professional athletes also often become the target segment of manufacturers of modafinil. The drug can not be found on any doping test. From informal sources, several cases of use of modafinil by professional athletes are known. In addition, in the US, modafinil has become one of the most popular club drugs, allowing you to dance from evening until the morning, then come home, calmly go to bed and wake up without feeling any post effects.

Side effects

Modafinil can produce pleasure effects and addiction, but to a much lesser extent than amphetamines. It is well tolerated in therapeutic doses, however, side effects may include insomnia, headaches, nervousness, agitation, aggressiveness, high blood pressure and heart symptoms.

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