HMG 150IU (Humog 150) Bharat serums


Manufacturer: Bharat serums Substance: Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Pack: 1 vial of 150IU

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Can someone we scared side effects, but do not rush to abandon this product. Hormone today it is in general a miracle drug. Which will make you feel very differently. Growth hormone in children is 50 times higher than in adults. The following will list the effects of growth hormone.

  • Strengthening and bone growth (growth of up to 27 years until it closed down the growth zone)
  • strengthening ligaments
  • In cases of atrophy of internal organs with age, provide their growth
  • anti-aging effect
  • Accelerates wound healing (in my experience by 3-4 times faster)
  • Improves energy usage
  • It provides muscle growth, anabolic effects
  • On a diet does not allow the muscles to break down. It is very good to use on drying. It is not by burning muscle.
  • It reduces the amount of fats in the body (even without dieting)
  • Dramatically improves the immune system. In my experience, using GH for 3 months. Even about a runny nose I had forgotten for half a year.
  • It reduces appetite (by improving the utilization of fats, carbohydrates, proteins)
  • Heals muscle injury. (Many athletes stop having arms, legs, back)
  • increases stamina
  • It lowers bad cholesterol figures.

Side Effects 80% people just are not terrible. A number of positive effects, cause to think a bunch of athletes and ordinary people.

Side effects of growth hormone

Before using growth hormone, we recommend that you first take tests on oncology. Growth hormone gives growth in various growth zones. And it can also give growth to malignant cells. In order not to harm yourself, be sure to take tests. Growth hormone also affects the thyroid and pancreas. These organs also need to be checked. The pancreas is very simple to check, you need to load for example with grape juice and measure blood sugar level. In an hour, the blood sugar level should not rise above 8.0 m / mol.

HGH greatly reduces insulin sensitivity. To less stress the pancreas, I recommend using GH with insulin. After sticking GH in the morning, inject the same 10ED ultrashort insulin (humalog). Then you can start breakfast. Thus, you will escape the risk of diabetes. Diabetes remind the reader of one of the terrible diseases. In addition to that for every intake of carbohydrates you need to prick insulin, so even if it’s bad to control the disease and allow a high blood sugar level. That will destroy the cardiovascular system, kidneys, eyes, liver.

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