Frusenex Geno


Manufacturer: Geno Substance: Furosemide (Lasix) Pack: 40mg (10 pills)

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Data on the carcinogenicity of furosemide

Frusenex (Furosemide) was tested for carcinogenicity when ingested on a single strain of mice and rats. A small but statistically significant increase in the incidence of carcinoma of the mammary gland was noted in female mice at a dose of 17.5 times the maximum permissible for human use. There was also a slight increase in the frequency of detection of rare tumors in male rats when furosemide was administered at a dose of 15 mg / kg (slightly higher than the maximum dose permitted for human use), but no 30 mg / kg was given.

Synonyms: Lasix, Afsamid, Arazemide, Diusemide, Dyuzolum, Driptal, Edefrouzeks, Errolon, Frannil, Fraukss, Frusemide, Frusolone, Furanthal, Furasemil, Furfan, Furomax, Furozan, Fusid, Katlex, Kinex, Lazilix, Nicorol, Proffimin, Protigen, Razisemide, Reneks, Salix, Seguril, Trofurit, Uritol, Urosemid.

Dosage and administration

Dosing and Administration: Inside, in a daily dose of 20-60 mg; If necessary, it is possible to increase the dose by 20-40 mg every 6-8 hours (large doses are divided into 2-3 doses). In / m or iv – once, 20-40 mg (if necessary – increase the dose by 20 mg every 2 h). Injection into / into the injection is done slowly, within 1-2 min. In high doses (80-240 mg and more) is administered iv in a drip, with a speed not exceeding 4 mg / min. The maximum daily dose is 600 mg.

Restrictions on the use

Hypotension; Conditions in which excessive reduction in blood pressure is particularly dangerous (stenosing lesions of the coronary and / or cerebral arteries), acute myocardial infarction (increased risk of developing cardiogenic shock), diabetes mellitus or impaired carbohydrate tolerance, gout, hepatorenal syndrome, hypoproteinemia (eg, nephrotic Syndrome – risk of ototoxicity of furosemide), impairment of urine outflow (prostatic hypertrophy, narrowing of the urethra or hydronephrosis), systemic lupus erythematosus, pancreas Amum, diarrhea, ventricular arrhythmia history.


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