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Manufacturer: Vermodje Substance: Nandrolone phenylpropionate (NPP) Pack: 10ml vial (100mg/ml)

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Fenilver is an anabolic steroid drug produced by the company Vermodje (Moldova). By its properties, it is a strong steroid anabolic with moderate, in comparison with testosterone, androgenic properties. Its duration is average in duration, half-life is about 2-4 days after injection, so in sports practice, to achieve optimal improvements, it must be used with high frequency – every other day or every three days.

Application Instructions Fenilver

For use in sports, this steroid is recommended mainly to men. And it is well suited as experienced athletes, well familiar with sports and about sports pharmacology, and beginners. Despite the foregoing, women can also afford the use of phenelver as a doping agent. We are talking about professional athletes for whom it is permissible to use a similar steroid in small doses, about 50-100 mg every three days. Overestimated doses or frequency of use will be associated with an increased risk of developing masculinization, so do not consult.

For men, the recommended dosages of Fenilver are higher – about 100-200 mg every other day or every third day. The duration of the cycle is a variable that can be affected by the purpose of the application, the level of training and experience of the athlete. On average, the cycle of application of this steroid lasts about 6-8 full weeks.
The cycle of application Fenilver is often combined, than passes in a solo.

The drug is well combined with virtually any topical steroids in sports practice (not without exception, in particular, it should not be combined with trenbolone preparations). Of the effective ligaments, one can single out a combination with testosterone propionate, which is considered to be classical. This cycle will provide a qualitative set of muscle mass, will increase the strength indicators and strengthen the body.


Reviews of Fenilver from athletes who follow the dosage and duration of the cycle, indicate the complete absence of side effects. Even those athletes who significantly exceeded the established rates, met only with increased sweating and acne, and in a rather weak form.

Both professional athletes and newcomers, in their responses from Fenilver from Vermodje, note the growth of strength indicators and a small but very high quality increase in muscle mass. There is also information from steroid users that it alleviates pain in the joints and increases their mobility. Many athletes use it during the rehabilitation period after severe injuries.

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