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Aromazine / Exemestane is a new generation drug that blocks enzymes responsible for aromatization. Exemestane significantly differs from drugs that belong to the class of aromatase inhibitors. Aromasine is a more perfect product. The usual aromatase inhibitors have only a temporary effectiveness, and Exemestane – an irreversible and permanent effect. As a result of the drug, 85% or more of the estrogen in the athlete’s body is suppressed.

Exemestan effects

Aromazin during the steroid cycle prevents side effects that can cause flavoring steroids. It is worth noting that the action of Exemestan (Aromazine) is fundamentally different from the action of the usual for many athletes Tamoxifen. As is known, Tamoxifen does not exert any influence on the process of aromatization. He simply begins to interact with cellular estrogen receptors, not allowing estrogen to join them and form a bond.

Exemestane acts on the process of aromatization and suppresses it. The structure of Aromazine is very similar to the steroid of natural origin androstenedione. The principle of action of Exemestane is that it irreversibly binds the active enzymes to hormones. As a result, hormones lose their activity. Aromazine does not possess estrogenic, not progestogenic activity. But it is characterized by mild androgenic activity.

How to take Exemestane

Usually how to take exemestane in bodybuilding, determines the athlete himself. In domestic practice, it is common to include it in the cycle when the first signs of aromatization appear (chest pain, swelling, itching of nipples, etc.). In foreign – first, they pass an analysis on the level of estradiol, after about 10 days from the beginning of the main cycle, and look at it as necessary.

The most common dosage is 10-15 mg every other day. The cycle of exemestane in bodybuilding lasts until the symptoms disappear, or until the moment of your own estradiol drops to the norm for men. what is determined by analysis.

An overdose of aromazine can lead to slower muscle growth, depression, increased cholesterol levels, and increased bone fragility. In practice, a decrease in libido, deterioration of the overall tone of the body and pain in the joints are also noted. At the same time, according to reviews, this aromatase inhibitor is better tolerated than tamoxifen, because it is used more often.

Precautionary measures

Do not prescribe women with premenopausal endocrine status (efficacy and safety of the drug in this group of patients has not been studied). In patients with hepatic or renal failure, dose adjustment is not required. It is not recommended for use in children. During treatment, one should refrain from occupations that require concentration and speed of psychomotor reactions (when the drug was used, symptoms such as drowsiness, asthenia, and dizziness were noted).

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