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Manufacturer: Body Research Substance: Methandienone oral (Dianabol) Pack: 10mg (500 pills)

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Danabol DS name is the brand of the chemical compound of methandrostenolone, manufactured by well-known pharmacological manufacturer Body Research.
Danabol is a synthetic steroid with a very similar structure to testosterone. He is one of the old guard of anabolic steroids in the market of sports pharmacology, which conquers new fans. Its anabolic properties were immediately appreciated and the theory was immediately fixed by practice.


Danabol is widely used by many athletes by professionals and beginners, movie stars and bodybuilders. In the past 60s and 70s, there were no laws to ban the use of this drug, and nowadays it is considered prohibited in some countries, but it does not affect its popularity and accessibility in any way.

The proposed Danabol DS today is:

  • Anabolic activity – from testosterone 200%.
  • Androgenic activity – from testosterone 50%.
  • Conversion into estrogens – (aromatizing) is low.
  • Toxicity to organs – moderate.
  • Activity time – 4 hours.
  • Test detection – up to 12 weeks.

The active actions of the drug quickly lead to an extra volume of protein mass, muscle cells begin to pour and grow in volume, an increase in physical strength is activated, and all this begins to occur in a rather short cycle. Studies have shown that keeping oxygen in the erythrocytes and reducing cellular respiration, the intensity of training increases many times. In the body, aromatase enzymes are metabolized to estrogen in adipose tissue. And this is just the process that contains and useful effects, such as increasing muscle mass.

Sports aspect

Danabol DS is still widely used by athletes of various disciplines, with it they reach the planned achievements. The drug has a good recommendation in combination with various other steroid preparations, which allows to increase and improve the process of building the body. The dose varies from 10-100 mg per day for 4-8 weeks. Most people see the result after 4 weeks.

Nevertheless, there is a recommendation that you can not use the drug for more than 8 weeks, because the body will get used to the drug and will not give the desired result, as well as the likelihood of negative effects. Common compounds with other anabolic steroids for improving muscle quality, for example oxandrolone will increase the effectiveness of the cycle.

The initial dose for a beginner bodybuilder should start from 10 mg per day and gradually increase to the desired limit, for example, the first 4 days for 10 mg, then 4 days for 20 mg, then 30 mg and so to the conceived limit, this method is called pyramidal and it allows Improve the effect of the drug. But, it is not necessary to forget that at high doses the preparation is transformed into an estrogen.

During the exit from the cycle, professional bodybuilders recommend the addition of Clomid or Tamoxifen, thereby restoring and maintaining the natural level of testosterone. The addition of these drugs minimizes the signs of the female type, which in most cases occur when water retention in the body. But according to the Internet, it is not worth taking these drugs together, because you will not see rapid improvement in weight. As a rule, weight gain is due to retention of water, due to minerals, and in particular sodium, the most basic protein builder.

To see and feel the power and strength of Danabol DS, you need to take the drug for 4 to 8 weeks. The most important thing to remember when taking any anabolically active drugs is that you need to eat foods that are high in calories.

Danabol DS Reviews

Reviews about Danabol DS 10 by Body Research among athletes are quite contradictory. A lot of complaints come from beginners who complain about the rollback phenomenon and that they are too “flooded” with water. However, without exception, all athletes are satisfied with the effect of Danabol DS tablets throughout the cycle, which as a result allows you to gain up to 10 kg (and in some cases more) of muscle mass.

Among professional bodybuilders, bad reviews about Danabol are almost never found. The action of the original drug corresponds to all the declared effects. Experienced athletes receive less weight gain per cycle, however, the correct combination with other drugs avoids the rollback phenomenon and everything gained remains with the athlete. In terms of price and quality, Danabol is one of the best drugs to date.

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