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Manufacturer: British Dragon Substance: Boldenone undecylenate (Equipose) Pack: 10ml vial (200 mg/ml)

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Boldabol is a steroid drug (active substance – Boldenone undecylenate). This anabolic is able to display various, significant effects for athletes, including. Promote high-quality muscle growth, increase strength and even increase venous musculature.

Effects of Boldabol

Athletes taking Boldabol often report a slow, but high-quality set of muscle mass in the body. It is believed that the slow effect of the drug is associated with a long ether (undecylenate), which is attached to the equipoise molecule. Undecylenate is 1 atom longer than decanoate. For this reason, slower and longer muscle growth can be expected during the Equipoise cycle than during the Nandrolone cycle. This circumstance also determines the duration of the cycle – up to 10 weeks. Like Deca, Equipoise has long been defined in the body, as competing athletes should remember.

The drug increases strength and significantly increases the appetite.

Equipoise greatly stimulates blood formation. Increasing the content of red blood cells improves the delivery of oxygen to the muscles. This makes this steroid attractive to athletes.

Post-cycle therapy

PСT should be started 14 days after the last injection. To restore the natural level of testosterone in the body, it is required to use testosterone booster. It is also necessary to monitor the diet and the regime of training on the cycle.


  • Reviews of Boldabol from British Dragon says that Boldabol is a fairly versatile tool: it effectively increases muscle mass, strength and endurance. The likelihood of side effects is low, especially if the recommended dosages are not exceeded. In general, athletes are faced with suppression of testosterone production, which is completely compensated by the reception of boosters for 2-4 weeks after the completion of the cycle.
  • Reviews of Boldabol from British Dragon note the convenience of using the drug and painless injections. As for their quality, opinions are quite contradictory.

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