Features Of Taking Winstrol Oral

features taking winstrol oral

Winstrol oral was produced in 1963. The drug was initially tested on horses, but later it was approved for take by athletes in sports. The drug does not block the progestogenic effects of Nandrolone. Such steroid has water form unlike other steroid preparations.

Winstrol in tablet form has high bioavailability. The drug promotes the appearance of toxic substances in the body, which adversely affects the liver. Even with this property, the steroid does not cause negative effects when all dosages are observed. The price of Winstrol oral is optimal and every athlete can afford this drug.

Steroid Profile

  • Effects of anabolic – 320%;
  • Effects of androgen – 30%;
  • No aromatization;
  • Available in injection and tablet form;
  • Moderate effect on liver;
  • Valid for 8 hours;
  • It is found in the body up to a year.

The use of steroid to the athletes before the competition is excluded. New methods of detection of the drug can find it in the body even after a year.

Positive Qualities and Effects of Winstrol Oral

  • The increase in muscle mass. Winstrol oral is a special steroid drug. It does not help to grow muscles, but makes them denser and more relief.
  • Excretion of water from the muscles. Winstrol oral is effective on and after the cycle as the removal of excess hydration;
  • The decrease in the level of globulin that binds sex hormones;
  • The effect of antiprogesterone and antiestrogen;
  • Increase strength and endurance.

taking winstrol oral

Best Way To Take Winstrol Oral

Solo cycle of Winstrol oral is mainly used to obtain relief of the body. The effect is noticeable on those athletes who have the least amount of fat layers. The most optimal dosage of Winstrol in injection form is 50 mg every day, in tablet form 30 mg every day.

Athletes who need endurance take the drug for 10-20 mg. Winstrol cycle lasts for 5-8 weeks. Before using this steroid is recommended to be examined and consult with a specialist. After a cycle after 2-3 days, you should start Post Cycle Therapy to improve physical performance.

To improve performance, as well as to prevent the appearance of negative consequences, Winstrol oral are taken together with other steroid drugs. Winstrol is perfectly combined with drugs such as Anadrol, Dianabol or Testosterone. The steroid acts as a stabilizer to reduce side effects and improve anabolic properties. Dosage when using a combined cycle should be in the amount of not more than 500 mg.

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Winstrol Oral Reviews

Winstrol oral has positive feedback from athletes. The drug helps to eliminate fat layers and make the body relief. Winstrol is used by most bodybuilders.

In addition to the relief of the body athletes get high endurance without affecting the muscles. The steroid can be used even for novice athletes along with other drugs.

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